Regardless of the sport or size of school, high school coaches are expected to spend time beyond practices and games working on other aspects of their program.

In many instances, the head coach is also a teacher in building, but that doesn't mean the rest of the coaching staff is on campus.  Support is required from many sources and the dynamic of focusing that assistance into productive and positive results takes additional effort.

Add to this, restricted resources to get the results that players and fans expect. 

State directives and school district dogma which varies dramatically and is based on historic values, influence existing activities. Policy limitations may be counter-productive in the views of some trying to affect positive change.

Dilemmas result.  Coaches, players, parents and community may have different perspectives about the paths taken, but if the journey is focused on the end result – positive experience for the athletes – there can be methods employed that advance the

There are hundreds of different scenarios playing themselves out in programs around the country.  Examples of issues include:

            Delegating to staff or volunteers

            Utilizing resources differently

            Collaboration within school facility

Prep Sports Innovators can help any sport or size program to identify the top challenges operating in any high school environment.