High school sport programs open doors for athletes beyond the win-loss record in any given season.  Coaches are teaching more than skills and execution of a sport. 

Leadership, teamwork, decision making, prioritizing, and other life competences that translate into abilities in the workplace are also invaluable when developing support mechanisms that can advance a program during the off-season or on the sidelines.

Prep Sports Innovators was launched in 2012 as an extension of a passion that has been effective in support of a local high school football program since 1997.  Alumni parents, Pam and Steve Thorsen founded a 501c3 organization that operates outside the normal range of the traditional parent booster club, by utilizing a “business” mindset, where strategic planning, innovation, and collaboration can bolster support beyond even their expectations. 

Other coaches and volunteers in sports programs around the state and now nationally have asked “how can we do what you are doing”.   There aren’t any magic solutions to what can be done.  Any size program or any sport can find ways within their own community to accomplish things.

Most programs experience coaching changes.  Typically, volunteers only stay around while their athlete is active.  It is critical to ensure that whatever is put into place survives from season to season. 

Developing a culture of support, or in business terms, building the brand, is the foundation for any realistic effort to succeed. 

Prep Sports Innovators listens to coaches and volunteers with different filters than those that may be operating within the program currently.  We can help put into place structures that make sense and can survive, regardless of who is at the helm. 

"Tradition is the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow"