Culture of Support

In business, it's called brand building. The same model can be adapted for high school sports programs, with a different label.

Culture of Support is an attitude of positive concepts and common agendas. It welcomes and encourages involvement and hard work.  Sometimes it already exists and simply must be updated.  Othertimes it is developed from the ground up.

Recognizing attributes within an existing culture are key. 

Who supports the team by attending games - student body, community or simply parents?

How does the team treat their opponents - is there respect or rudeness - and how do others treat your team? 

What is the communication environment - are problems solved easily or do they escalate unnecessarily?   

When there is a season or game that doesn't produce a positive result, how do coaches, players and fans leave the stadium - with class or complaints? 

Where are others affected by the teams standards - is the feeder program growing and are 3rd graders wearing their enthusiam for your team on their sweatshirt at school?

Why is there a lack of leadership on the team - could it be systemic from the program or it's importance misunderstood?

Difficult circumstances can be overcome with the right Culture of Support.


Culture of Support was a feature story in the January 2013 issue of Issaquah + Sammamish magazine.